Equitable & Clean Transportation For All

About Our Project

Equitable & Clean Transportation For All

Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) is analyzing and developing strategies that would increase multi-modal transportation in the Anaheim City Centers Corridor. This analysis will result in a Community-Based Mobility Options and Policy Implementation Plan (Plan) intended to provide transportation and mobility solutions and policy recommendations for ATN and the City of Anaheim. The Plan will consider current planning efforts, equity, feasibility, and most importantly, community input.

Project Area

Project Goals

  • Increase access to local destinations 
  • Help reduce air pollution and the distance people drive in their cars 
  • Promote wider access to transportation services 
  • Provide transportation strategies to help uplift underserved communities
  • Create ways to secure long-term funding to keep services going 
  • Hear feedback from a variety of voices in the community including transit-dependent riders, youth, older adults, commuters, and non-English speakers

Help Shape Anaheim’s Transportation Future!

ATN needs your input in developing the transportation system in the Anaheim City Centers Corridor. Inspire new transportation solutions by sharing your thoughts as a current or future transit rider.

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