Who We Are

Get ready to hop on board and cruise around town!

Since 1995, Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) has been providing public transportation services to our local communities, residents and businesses. 

The ATN family of services is more than a public transportation service, it is a commitment to our community to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

ATN provides multi-modal public transportation services through a statutory structure approved by the City of Anaheim under Ordinance No. 6464 and respective Anaheim Specific Plan Mitigation Monitoring programs highlighting local commitment to the importance of public transportation and mobility services for Anaheim residents, employers and visitors.

Through an institutional structure approved by the ATN Board of Directors, ATN works closely with its constituency to provide a fiscally responsible municipal transit system.

So, the next time you’re in Anaheim, skip the traffic and let ATN take you on a magical ride!

To enhance public transportation options by delivering reliable and efficient transportation solutions.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of business integrity, exceptional customer service, a can-do spirit that fosters innovation, clear and transparent communications, and strong private-public partnerships.

Provide a seamless, accessible, and inclusive public transportation system that supports the diverse needs of the local community, while reflecting the character and values of our constituency.

Mobility – Deliver transportation solutions and services to improve the movement of people

Customer-Centric Service – Enhance the customer experience by providing reliable, efficient, and convenient transportation options that connect people to local destinations

Financial Responsibility – Ensure long-term financial health through responsible financial management and accountability

Environmental Stewardship – Embrace responsible measures designed to promote and implement environmental practices for sustainability

Organizational Excellence – Continuously improve business practices to maintain a high-performing and efficient organization

Integrity – We fulfill our commitments with honesty, fairness, and transparency, while maintaining high ethical standards and treating everyone fairly and respectfully

Customer Service – We prioritize exceptional, customer-centric service that treats our customers with care, consideration, and respect as valued guests

Can Do Spirit – We approach challenges with innovation, strategy, and dedication, finding solutions and overcoming obstacles with a positive and proactive attitude

Communication – We prioritize consistent and user-friendly information delivery, utilizing an open and easy-to-understand approach

Collaboration – We work together as a team, fostering a culture of mutual respect, shared purpose, and collective success