• Art Bus

Now you can Tap2Ride
One Tap. One Ride

At any ATN bus stop,
Board, Tap, Ride!

Public transportation service for the Anaheim Region, Garden Grove, and Orange with established routes and on-demand options.

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On-demand community micro-transit service

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On-Demand connectivity to and from the Anaheim Region and the Orange County’s Airport SNA.

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  • Art Bus

Connect the Dots to More Fun!

Just download the A-Way WeGo mobile app for a fun and seamless ride!

ART provides transportation and mobility services in-and-around The Anaheim Resort, Platinum Triangle, Center City Anaheim and many other Orange County destinations.

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Guides riders through Anaheim’s dynamic Packing District and neighborhoods for free in her 5-passenger, all-electric, bright orange micro-transit vehicles.

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Takes riders from John Wayne, Orange County Airport to the Anaheim area and back in all-electric, 9-seat passenger vans.

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