ANNA Multimodal Transit Plan


The ANNA Multimodal Transit Plan is a comprehensive transportation plan developed by the Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN). Supported by a grant from the Caltrans Sustainable Communities program and local funding from the Anaheim Tourism Improvement District (ATID), this plan aims to promote healthy and equitable economic opportunities for Anaheim neighborhoods, including The Anaheim Resort, The Platinum Triangle, and Center City districts.

Building a Sustainable Transit Solution

Through the Advancing Neighborhood Networks for All (ANNA) initiative, the ANNA Multimodal Transit Plan aims to connect and strengthen access for residents, businesses, and visitors in the city of Anaheim and surrounding regions. The plan focuses on building a sustainable transit solution that meets the needs of Anaheim’s stakeholders, communities, and neighborhoods.

Purpose of the Plan

The purpose of the ANNA Multimodal Transit Plan is to define the recommended scope of the ANNA transit solutions and create a comprehensive action plan for its implementation. The plan encompasses an early assessment of transit technologies, routes, stops/stations, local and regional connections, and first-last mile improvements. This assessment is essential in achieving the defined goals and objectives of Anaheim’s transportation system.

By implementing the ANNA Multimodal Transit Plan, Anaheim’s transportation network will be transformed, providing efficient and accessible transportation options for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.


Two timelines are under consideration for the development of ANNA:


Implementation within the next five years (by 2028) to support the development within the study area through new access and connectivity along Katella Avenue.


Future project expansions and enhancements to meet the needs of residents, employees and visitors to The Anaheim Resort and The Platinum Triangle.

ANNA Vision

ANNA is the sustainable transit solution created to promote healthy and equitable
communities through connecting and strengthening access for residents, businesses, and visitors in the city of Anaheim and surrounding regions.

Goals & Objectives

ANNA will increase ways people can travel within the project study area, which comprises The
Anaheim Resort and The Platinum Triangle, with connections to the Anaheim Center City
Corridor. The alternatives considered for implementation as part of the ANNA Multimodal
Transit Plan aim to advance the following mobility goals:

  • Create end-to-end travel solutions through multimodal and first and last mile mobility
  • Increase equity by providing direct connections to/from Anaheim communities and
    preserve neighborhoods; and,
  • Allow for near-term implementation and support for future long-term transit needs to
    match area development

Next Steps for ANNA

To move the project forward, the following next steps will be taken:

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with key stakeholders, including local residents, businesses, transportation authorities, and community organizations, to gather their input and ensure their needs are addressed.
  • Infrastructure Development: Invest in the development of robust transportation infrastructure, including designated ANNA transit routes, stations, and stops. This will enable seamless connectivity and access for all users.
  • Technology Integration: Incorporate state-of-the-art technology and smart transit solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the ANNA project. This includes using real-time data for route optimization, advanced fare payment systems, and user-friendly mobile applications.
  • Awareness and Education: Launch an awareness and education campaign to inform the community about ANNA’s benefits, routes, schedules, and fare options. This will help increase ridership and promote a culture of sustainable transportation.

Learn More About ANNA

To learn more about the ANNA project and its progress, please refer to the draft ANNA Multimodal Transit Plan Document. The document provides detailed information about the project vision, goals, implementation strategy, and expected outcomes.

ANNA Multimodal Transit PlanANNA Multimodal Transit Plan – ADA VersionANNA Multimodal Transit Plan – Executive Summary