At this time, FRAN (Free Rides Around the Neighborhood) has temporarily transitioned into a community-relief role by providing complimentary food delivery services which connect local vendors and patrons in the existing CtrCity service area.  Click here to learn more about Food Run Around the Neighborhood.

What is FRAN?

The City of Anaheim, in partnership with Anaheim Resort Transportation, now offers Free Rides Around the Neighborhood– FRAN, where convenience and unique experiences meet.

FRAN is an on-demand micro-transit system of sustainable electric vehicles currently serving Anaheim’s downtown area known as “Center City”.

Launching January 24th 2019, FRAN is truly a game changer for locals and visitors alike.  Download the CtrCity Anaheim app today on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

What makes FRAN different from other services?

FRAN is a joint venture between ART and the city of Anaheim.  It is funded by grants and local property assessments and it’s completely free to use! Rides can be requested via the CtrCity Anaheim mobile app or by hailing in-person.

“[FRAN] integrates with pedestrian, auto and bus mobility in Center City, which has developed into a constellation of booming retail, restaurant, residential, office and entertainment destinations.”

– John Woodhead, Anaheim Director of Community & Economic Development

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Where is FRAN?

FRAN provides on-demand service to a geofenced service area of the dynamic downtown corridor known as “Ctr City” in Anaheim.  The service does not follow fixed routes.  Riders can choose to begin & end their trips at one of ten predefined stops near popular destinations.

. 1.   The Circle Stop  (BARN / CP7 / Anaheim ICE / Harbor Lofts / RARE / Wells Fargo)
.2.   Center Street Stop  (CP4 / GOOD FOOD / St. Joseph’s Disney Travel / MiX)
.3.   Carnegie Plaza Stop  (CP3 / Ctr St / Anaheim West Tower / MUZEO)
.4.   Kraemer Stop  (Kraemer Building / CP2 / Community Center)
.5.   City Hall Stop  (City Hall / CP1 / River Arena)
.6.   Electrica Stop  (Electrica – COMING SOON / Little People’s Park)
.7.   Farmer’s Park Stop  (Packard Building / Farmer’s Park/ Greenhouse)
.8.   Packing House Stop
.9.   MAKE Stop
.10    Leisuretown Stop  (Leisuretown – COMING SOON / Tony’s Deli)
.NEW   Pearson Park Stop

(CP = Car Park)

Who was FRAN? — Francisca Avila Rimpau

Francisca was born and raised in the Avila Adobe, the oldest standing residence in Los Angeles (on Olvera Street, in a historic district part of El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument in Downtown Los Angeles). Francisca’s father, Francisco Avila, was mayor of Pueblo de Los Angeles before California became part of the United States. In 1850, Francisca married a German immigrant, Theodore Rimpau. Their marriage is one of the first recognized after California gained statehood, making it truly a historic love story.

Francisca’s fifteen children became the earliest real estate developers, educators, movers and shakers of Los Angeles and Anaheim. Her daughter Matilda was the first female college graduate from Anaheim.

Each of the ten FRAN vehicles are named after Francisca’s daughters & granddaughters, and wrapped in a powerful orange as well as a beautiful silhouette of Francisca.