Rider Guide

Guidelines for a Safe and Fun Ride

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our Passenger Code of Conduct sets out guidelines to ensure a smooth and pleasant journey for everyone onboard.

Passenger Code of Conduct

Entering and Safety: Please refrain from crossing the white line and always allow the driver to drive safely

Strollers: We welcome children in strollers but kindly ask that they are removed from the stroller and properly seated for their safety and the comfort of others

Fare Payment and Attire: Proper fare payment is required, and appropriate attire is appreciated

Respectful Behavior: We foster a welcoming and inclusive environment, and that means no profane or vulgar language, racial slurs, or racist behaviors

Prohibited Actions: Smoking, throwing objects out of the bus, and excreting bodily fluids on the vehicle are strictly prohibited to ensure everyone’s safety and maintain cleanliness

Service Animals: Service animals are always welcome onboard. They provide vital assistance to their owners, and their presence is appreciated

Properly Kenneled Animals: Only animals in proper kennels are allowed on transit buses. This ensures the safety and comfort of all passengers

Enclosed and Secured Animals: Animals can ride on the bus if they are in an enclosed and secured bag, carrier, or kennel. Their presence is subject to availability

Aggressive or Uncontrollable Animals: In the interest of safety, any aggressive or uncontrollable animals may be removed from the bus

Disturbance: Please refrain from disturbing fellow passengers and the bus driver. Let’s respect each other’s space and enjoy a peaceful ride

Solicitation and Advertisements: Selling goods or services, as well as placing advertisements inside or outside the buses, is not allowed

Loud Music and Personal Hygiene: To ensure a pleasant experience for everyone, please use headphones when listening to music and avoid performing personal hygiene tasks while riding the bus

Alcohol and Weapons: Open containers of alcoholic beverages and possession of weapons are strictly prohibited

Sexual Harassment: Making sexually suggestive remarks, gestures, or touching others without consent, is an unacceptable behavior that creates an unsafe and uncomfortable environment

NOTE: At any time, the Transportation Supervisor or any transit authority management employee may refuse to transport or order off the bus any person violating or had violated the “Passenger Code of Conduct.”

Consequences of Misconduct

The behaviors outlined previously will not be tolerated on ART service. Bus Operators and/or Management will take direct and fitting action in response to misconduct.

  • Conduct that is deemed illegal/hazardous/violent will be addressed immediately, to include assistance from the appropriate security personnel and/or police department
  • If one individual is inhibiting the atmosphere for the majority of the passengers, that person will be asked to cease the behavior causing the disturbance
  • If the behavior continues and the Bus Operator feels that the passenger has been given sufficient warning, the Bus Operator then has the right to ask the passenger to leave the bus after first consulting with the Transportation Supervisor. If the passenger does not leave the bus after being asked by the Bus Operator, the Bus Operator should then notify the Transportation Supervisor of the situation so they can either respond on-site to provide additional assistance and/or notify the proper authorities to provide further assistance


Found Items: Items found in an ATN facility or vehicle shall be turned in to a driver or other authorized

Lost Items: Items found in an ATN facility or vehicle will be held for a maximum of 30 days for retrieval by owner

  • After 30 days, the recovered item will be assumed abandoned, unless there has been contact by the owner to advise of a sufficient reason why the item cannot be collected within 30 days
  • Items not claimed will be donated to charity

To learn more about our lost and found procedures, please click on the following link: Lost & Found Procedures


Safety & Security

Human trafficking is a serious crime that affects people all over the world, including minors. What you see could set someone free.

To learn how to recognize the signs of human trafficking and how to report suspected human trafficking, visit the National Human Trafficking Hotline

Take action and report suspected trafficking and call 888-373-7888 or text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)


  • Left-Behinds: Report Abandoned Bags and Packages: Let your driver know about any abandoned bags or packages on the bus so they can handle it with care.”
  • Be a Guardian: Report Theft or Missing Belongings: If you witness theft or have had something stolen, report it to your driver.
  • Snap Responsibly: Limit Photos and Recordings: Take selfies for personal use only in public areas. Notify your driver if you notice someone taking suspicious photos or recordings.
  • No Tagging Allowed: Report Vandalism: Help us keep our spaces clean by reporting vandalism and tagging to your driver.

If you witness any suspicious activity or hear anything concerning, please let your driver know immediately

Reporting an Incident

Between our trained staff and quick access to local law enforcement, help can arrive within a matter of minutes

Your eyewitness account could be valuable in saving lives. So if you see anything suspicious, please contact your driver immediately or call 911

Key numbers for security concerns

  • Emergencies – Police Department: 911
  • Non-emergencies – Anaheim Police Department: (714) 765-1900
Four Details We’ll Need From You

The more information we get from you, the easier it is for us to respond to reports of suspicious objects or activities. Here are some basics we’ll need to act fast.

  1. Who or what you saw: Provide specific details about the suspicious individuals or objects you encountered. What made them stand out? Any unique characteristics?
  2. When you saw it: The time of day is important if you are reporting something after the fact, or suspicious activity you’ve been seeing on a regular basis
  3. Where it occurred: Identify the location where the incident took place. If on a bus or vehicle, include the route name and bus number, if possible
  4. Why the object or activity is suspicious: Describe what caught your attention and raised concerns about the object or activity

Rider Tips

Come visit us at the information desk located at ARTIC, the ultimate transport hub in Orange County. ARTIC connects you to a range of services, including OCTA, Greyhound, FlixBus, Amtrak, and Metrolink

Getting to us is a breeze – simply request your on-demand ride and hop on the ART bus and take Route 15 – ARTIC Sports Complex Line to reach our location


Easily purchase mobile passes through the convenient A-Way WeGo app. For cash transactions, head over to the service window desk

Information Desk Hours of Operation:

Monday – Sunday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Bus Pick Up/Drop Off Locations:

Bus Bays 12 and 13, located on the right side of the building as you exit

ARTIC Address: 2626 E. Katella Avenue Suite 200, Anaheim CA 92806

All ATN services accommodate seniors and individual with disabilities.

Additional accommodations for individuals with disabilities may be available through a shared-ride complementary paratransit access service provided by OCTA. Learn more, visit OC ACCESS Service