Protecting you and the climate, one trip at a time.

Every year, over 9.5 million residents, visitors, and employees use our public transit options to connect with local destinations, employment centers, theme parks, sport venues, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and ARTIC regional transportation center. We are committed to delivering environmental and quality of life benefits in the areas of air pollution reduction, climate change, and traffic congestion mitigation.

Environmental Benefits

In 2022 alone, we removed over 2.48 million automobile trips from local roadways. That means over 13.4 million automobile miles were not driven in Anaheim, leading to approximately 38,000 automobile miles not driven each and every day. With ATN, you can help reduce traffic congestion and make your commute smoother and more efficient.

  • In 2022, 90% of ATN total revenue service miles were driven with zero tailpipe emissions and zero “Well to Wheels” emissions

  • In 2022, ATN transportation services displaced over 508,000 gallons of gasoline fossil fuel.  This equates to a reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) in excess of 4,279 metric tons – over 9.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide air pollution that did not enter the atmosphere.

  • ATN’s fleet of zero and near-zero emission vehicles eliminated ~3,500 pounds of NOx emissions in 2022 and over 1,400 pounds of particulate matter. ATN’s fleet in its entirety emits zero toxic air contaminants, and zero known cancer-causing air pollutants.*


*These include oxides of nitrogen (NOx) – the primary component of smog, as well as fine particulate matter.  Both NOx and particulate matter are a leading cause of respiratory ailments, and in the case of diesel particulate matter, are known carcinogens.

Our fleet is comprised of 74% zero emission vehicles, with the remaining vehicles classified as “near-zero” emission vehicles.

Our Fleet
ATN Vehicle Type Fuel Number of Vehicles
Full Size Transit Buses Zero Emission Electric 46
Mid-Size Transit Buses Compressed Natural Gas 3
Vans Zero Emission Electric 3
Microtransit Vehicles Zero Emission Electric 10
Cutaway Buses Compressed Natural Gas 18
Total Revenue Fleet 80




In 2022, 90% of Total Revenue Service Miles were Driven with Zero Tailpipe Emissions and Zero “Well to Wheels” Emissions.