Transportation Programs

Ready to explore Anaheim without stressing about transportation costs? You might be eligible for some programs.

Take a moment to check out the available programs and see if you qualify.

Current Programs

The “Show Your Badge and Ride” program is available to all employes of who work in the Anaheim Resort, Platinum Triangle, Center City or any other area served by ATN family of service.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to take advantage of this program:

  • Present your employee ID badge to the bus driver before boarding ATN family of services
  • Ride any ART for free

Download the A-Way WeGo app to plan, book, and ride on the ART Bus for free.

If you are planning to connect at ARTIC using your Metrolink/Amtrak pass, you can ride on ART service for free.

How it works: Present your Metrolink/Amtrak pass to the ART bus driver They will grant you complimentary access to the ART bus for the ultimate riding experience. No extra fees, no additional hassle – just pure enjoyment!

ATN offers an annual OCTA Perk Pass (bus pass) Program that provides affordable bus passes, reducing your transportation costs

Each ride costs only $1.25 per boarding, and the maximum cost per month is $69, no matter how many bus trips are taken

As a Chapman University student, you can take advantage of our College Ride Program and enjoy free rides on the ART system. All you need to do is show your Chapman University Student ID to the bus driver to ride for free.

To make your transportation even more convenient, download the A-Way WeGo app.


We can help you make the switch to public transit and assist you in planning your trip by train or bus, making your commute a stress-free and cost-effective experience.

Other Commute Options to Consider:

  • Carpool, ride with a friend or coworker
  • Vanpools: If you have a group of coworkers who live near each other, we can assist with forming a vanpool or help fill empty seats
  • Biking, Walking, or Skating to work is a healthy and eco-friendly option that can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint

As an employer in Anaheim, you may be required to comply with the City of Anaheim Specific Plan. If you have 250 or more employees, you also need to follow AQMD Rule 2202.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Schedule a meeting with ATN representative to determine requirements applicable to your business establishment Anaheim Regional Mitigation Monitoring Requirements and Air Quality Management District requirements
  • Survey your employees’ stop of commutes to understand their needs
  • Develop an Employee Commute Reduction Plan (ECRP) to send to the AQMD and/or the City of Anaheim
  • Implement and Track ECRP
  • Prepare for the next annual survey to stay on top of your compliance requirements