Integrated Transportation and Capacity Building Plan

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An Eye on the Future

ATN participates in planning of transportation projects proposed in the City of Anaheim.

FRAN (Center City MicroTransit service)

Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center

Anaheim Transit Master Plan

High Speed Rail Authority


ART and its project partners are leading the charge to connect the traveling public.

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Anaheim Resort Transportation – An Eye on the Future

ART 2035 Imagine Possibilities

The Anaheim Resort Transportation has launched “ART 2035,” a plan to guide the future of ART services. Over the next several months, ART staff and the project team will be conducting various stakeholder engagement opportunities in the form of stakeholder interviews and planning meetings to present project ideas and hear input from key stakeholders on the future of ART services. The input resulting from the engagement of key stakeholders will shape the outcome of the plan.

With significant growth, employment, and development plans throughout the region, ART and its project partners are leading the charge to connect the traveling public.

What Lies Ahead…

Project Activities and Schedule

The ART 2035 plan will look at the future of ART services in terms of efficiencies in service delivery, funding and entrepreneurial partnerships, and vehicle and guest experience enhancements. The role of project stakeholders will be critical in determining appropriate growth and how to enhance the guest/rider experience. The future of ART is exciting with many possibilities including service expansion and use of trip planning technology and luggage concierge services to provide greater convenience for the commuting and traveling public.

Stakeholder engagement is a critical component of the project. The project will engage key stakeholders through one-on-one interviews. In late fall and early winter, the project team will hold three stakeholder planning meetings in the Anaheim Resort, Platinum Triangle and ARTIC, and City of Anaheim-Downtown areas. The stakeholder engagement opportunities will inform the team in the development of the ART 2035 plan.

Quick Facts

  • In 1995, ART was formed as a local non-profit Transportation Management Association by the City of Anaheim
  • Service began on Memorial Day 2002, with 8 routes in the Anaheim Resort
  • ART service began with 20 buses
  • Ridership in 2002 was 3 million annual riders
  • In 2003, service expanded to the cities of Orange and Garden Grove
  • Service expanded to the Anaheim Canyon Metrolink Station, City of Santa Ana (MainPlace and Discovery Science Center) and the City of Buena Park (Knott’s Berry Farm and surrounding entertainment district) in 2011
  • Ridership in 2015 was 9 million annual riders
  • In 2015, service to the City of Costa Mesa and South Coast Plaza began
  • In 2017, ART has a fleet of 81 buses


Download this fact sheet here: ART Fact Sheet [PDF]

Project Questions:

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