Commuter Services

Welcome to the Anaheim Transportation Network Commuter Services

  • Save Time and Money on your Commute
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Improve air quality
  • Work life balance
  • Meet state and local requirements

As an employer it is important you know what is expected when doing business in the City of Anaheim

All employers are required to comply with the City of Anaheim Specific Plan.

Employers with 250 or more employees are also required to comply with AQMD Rule-2202.

The above rules require employers to offer commute alternatives to employees and formally demonstrate to the City and AQMD how they will fulfill these responsibilities

  • 1. Meet with ATN to review Anaheim Regional Mitigation Measures – Anaheim Ordnance/Mitigation Measures (get official name) and Air Quality Management District (AQMD) requirements
  • 2. Survey employees commute
  • 3. ATN check results, review or develop Employee Commute Reduction Plan (ECRP) to send to the AQMD and/or City of Anaheim
  • 4. Implement and track ECRP
  • 5. Prepare for next annual survey

Get started now, reach out to the ATN so we can help you develop your program.

    When you use an alternative commute you may save money, time, the air we breathe. All while improving your work life balance. Here are some Commute Options available to Anaheim Employees!

  • Show your employee ID and ride the ART Bus for free. Click here for ART Services
  • OC Perk Pass Discount Bus Pass
    • The ATN offers an annual Perk Pass (bus pass) Program that provides affordable bus passes which can reduce your transportation costs. Each ride costs only $1.25 per boarding. The maximum cost per month you will pay is $69, no matter how many bus trips are taken.

  • Trip Planning for transit
    • Have you ever considered taking the train or bus to work? We can map it out for you.

  • Carpool, ride with a friend or coworker
  • Vanpools
    • We can assist with forming a vanpool or help fill empty seats.

  • Other commute options to considered
    • Bike, walk, skate to Work
    • Compressed work weeks
    • Work remotely
    • Arrive to work in an Electric Vehicle

  • Tax Advantages of Commuting
    • Transit or Vanpools can result in tax breaks for employers and employees. Options include having employees pay using pre-tax dollars, having employers and employees share the cost, or having employers offer it as qualified tax benefit that helps them save on federal taxes.