Put Southern California in the Palm of Your Hand
with RideART!

As part of our mission to make transit easier and more convenient for our guests, ART now offers complete mobile ticketing, trip planning and real-time arrival information services through RideART, our proprietary mobile phone application.

To download the RideART mobile app, visit your app store and search for “RideART”.

Other available Mobile Applications:

Because Anaheim Resort Transportation makes its schedule data available in a standardized format, independent software developers have offered a number of useful tools for riders. Below are some of the free applications that are available from third-party developers using Anaheim’s open GTFS data.

Directions and “transit navigation”
iOS, Android

Trip planning with real-time arrival estimates
iOS, Android

Directions and real-time transit navigation
iOS, Android, Web

Stops and schedules

Directions and “transit navigation”
iOS, Android

Directions and “transit navigation”
iOS, Android

Multi-modal directions, including air, intercity and local buses.

Maps and directions
All platforms

Accessibility Devices

Transit information for wayfinding use by people who are visually impaired.
For BrailleNote and VoiceNote GPS system