Advertising with ATN


Let ATN vehicles be the extension of your eye-catching campaigns and digital interactions. Plenty of ways to bring your next marketing plan and campaign to life.

We serve up over 8 million riders per year, 

All electric vehicles include large buses, executive coaches and microtransit. It’s not always easy to notice your footprint when you take a step, but when it comes to carbon footprint, we watch ours very carefully.


  • Audiences are a mix of local residents, visitors/tourism, conventioneers airport arrivals and local business owners, a mix
  • 7 days a week, 18+ hours per day offers maximum exposure
  • Exposure on one or all three ATN services & many options for transit advertising

Where will your ad be seen?

Exterior Bus Wraps

  • Full wraps, partial, tail back
  • Interior billboards, roof & side wraps
  • Full screen audio and video
  • On-board rack cards
  • Map inclusion with maximum distribution seasonally

How to find out more…Contact Chris Nuccio, Sales at