1994     The Anaheim Resort® is created and Anaheim Resort Specific Plan Adopted by the City of Anaheim
1995     ART is formed as a local non-profit Transportation Management Association by the City of Anaheim
2001       First 10 electric buses delivered
2002      Memorial Day 2002 ART services begin with 8 routes in The Anaheim Resort
2004      Franchise awarded by the City of Anaheim
2003      Service expands to the cities of Garden Grove and Orange
2006       The Platinum Triangle Specific Plan Adopted by the City of Anaheim
2007       Service to the Platinum Triangle begins connecting Anaheim Stadium Train Station, Platinum Triangle and                        The Anaheim Resort.  Service expands to 15 routes
2008       Federal Transit Administration designates ART as a public transit provider and nine new buses added to the                     fleet
2009       ART moves its operations to a new facility
2009      Fleet by 35 buses to begin service for Toy Story Transportation Center
2011       New services begin to the Anaheim Canyon Metrolink Station, City of Santa Ana – MainPlace and Discovery Science Center and City of Buena                     Park with service to Knott’s Berry Farm and surrounding Entertainment District
2012       21 new Compressed Natural Gas buses added for the fleet
2014       ART buys and builds its new Administration and & Operations Facility
2014      Service expands to Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC)
2015       Service to the City Costa Mesa and South Coast Plaza
2015       Connectivity via ARTIC to the Orange County Beach Communities initiated
2016       ART added the first four all electric buses to its fleet