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Click HERE to purchase your tickets to the Happiest Place on Earth! All of our lines start and end in Disneyland! Check out our other destinations ART can take you to before or after Disneyland!

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ART Day PassesPasses are valid for consecutive days

Purchasing passes online Purchase passes online using the form below, at a participating hotel, or see below for other locations.

Rider TypeQuantityPrice
Adult @ $5
Child @ $2
Reduced @ $2

Adult @ $12
Child @ $3
Reduced @ $5

Adult @ $20
Child @ $5
Reduced @ $8

FREE - allow three days

USA - $3 (allow 7 days)
Canada - $5 (allow 10 days)
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15-day and 30-day passes are available at locations in Anaheim.

# of days Regular/Adult (Ages 10+) Ages 3-9*
15-day $45.00 $10.00
30-day $55.00 $20.00

*(Children 2 & under free)

Anaheim Purchasing Locations

Passengers can also purchase passes at numerous convenient locations:

  • Thirteen convenient ticketing kiosks. We accept major credit cards and cash. Exact change only please.
  • Participating lodging establishments.
  • Anaheim Visitor Restaurant Desk in the lobby of the Convention Center and Denny’s Restaurant.
  • Anaheim Garden Walk Concierge Desk
  • Download our free ART application and use your phone as your mobile ticket! Search for “ART Ticketing” at the Apple Store or Android Market
  • One-way cash fares- Pay on board. Exact change required.
  • ARTIC: ART Information Desk and kiosk – Credit Cards only. Cash can be used at the ART Information Desk open 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday and 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM Saturday and Sunday