The ATN is ready to help you with rideshare! Whether you are an EMPLOYEE tired of driving alone or an EMPLOYER starting a Rideshare Program, let us assist you.

5 Reasons to Rideshare

1. Save Money
2. Save time- Sharing the ride and using the carpool lane can save you time on your commute
3. Cash Incentive- Earn $1 per day for the first three months that you rideshare
4. Help reduce your company’s carbon footprint
5. Emergency Ride Home Program (Available to employees who experience an emergency such as family crisis, illness, or unexpected overtime. Rules and restrictions may apply.)

OC Perk Pass

Discount Bus Pass Valuable for Employers & Employees

Paying for transportation to work day after day can be expensive. Fortunately, there’s an alternative that saves money while making everyone happier.Offered through employers, our annual Perk Pass Program provides affordable bus passes that can reduce employee transportation costs and stress levels. Employers also benefit by having happier employees and reducing payroll taxes.

Here’s How It Works

OCTA’s annual Perk Pass is a swipe-card that can be used on any local OCTA fixed-route bus. When employees board a bus for work or play, they simply swipe their card in the farebox. That’s it! To qualify for the Perk Pass Program, a company needs only 10 or more bus-riding employees.



Lowest Available Fare per Ride

The Perk Pass is an exceptional value; it’s the only way employees can get the lowest available fare per ride that we offer. Each ride costs only $1.25 per boarding. The maximum cost per month for each participating employee is $69, no matter how many bus trips are taken. OCTA tracks usage and sends out one simple monthly billing statement. Employers can choose to subsidize all or part of the cost or pass it on to employees – either way, everyone wins.

Easy, Flexible, Customizable

Depending on how it is set up, Perk Pass can result in tax breaks for employers and employees. Options include having employees pay using pre-tax dollars, having employers and employees share the cost, or having employers offer it as qualified tax benefit that helps them save on federal taxes.

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