ART is a public transportation system operating within The Anaheim Resort® and surrounding areas.

Every year, over 9.5 million residents, visitors, and employees use ART to connect with local destinations, employment centers, theme parks, sport venues, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and ARTIC regional transportation center.  ART delivers important environmental and quality of life benefits ART provides direct benefit in reducing Anaheim’s carbon footprint, eliminating over 16 million pounds of CO2 based GHG emissions each.

Annual Environmental Benefits1

  • 7,325 tons in reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • 16 million pounds of carbon dioxide that doesn’t enter our atmosphere
  • 3.7 millions automobile trips eliminated annually
  • 72,000 automobile miles that are not driven in Anaheim each and every day
  • Over 807,000 gallons of gasoline fuel displaced each year

ART is unique amongst public transit agencies in Southern California. With ART’s adult transit dependency on the order of 3%-9%, ART riders typically either own a car or, if visitors, have access to ctn automobile, are choosing ART for its convenience, affordability, and accessibility.

Imagine how much worse Anaheim’s traffic congestion would be with an additional 10,000 cars each day, especially considering that 10,000 vehicles- lined end to end- represents a line of traffic 32 miles long. It is arguable that this additional number of vehicles on Anaheim city streets each day would overwhelm existing available parking, resulting in endless roaming and perpetual gridlock. In reality, Anaheim could not function as a major destination city without a robust, major destination-oriented ART system.

1 The methodologies used to quantify the GHG benefits of ART are those approved by the California Air Resources Board for the assessment of public transit systems

Air Quality Benefits White Paper [PDF]

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