All ART stops have a specific TEXT2GO code that can be used to get bus arrival estimates.

TEXT2GO codes and instructions on how to use them are displayed on our signs each stop.
You can also look up your stop’s TEXT2GO code on its Routes & Schedules page found in the navigation menu, or use the alphabetical list of stops below.

There are two ways you can use your stop’s TEXT2GO to retrieve bus arrival estimates:

  • Send an SMS text from your mobile phone to  41411
    • Simply send a text saying “RIDEART” followed by the TEXT2GO code for your stop.  For example, “3013” is the code for Peacock Suites
      (pictured in the signage below).  To get an ART bus arrival estimate you would send an SMS text to the number 41411 saying “RIDEART3013”.
  • Enter your TEXT2GO code in the submission box at the bottom of this page

Alphabetical stop list with Text2Go codes:

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