Data for Anaheim Resort Transportation service information (schedules, stop locations, route alignments, fares, and service calendar) is made available in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format. Download the ART GTFS data file here. This data is maintained with the support of Trillium GTFS Manager software.

If you are a developer with questions about ART services or data, contact Anaheim Transportation Network. If you have a technical question about this data, contact Trillium support directly.

Terms and guidelines for use of GTFS data

  • GTFS data is provided without warranties.
  • No availability guarantees are expressed or implied.
  • The agency (Anaheim Transportation Network) retains full rights to the data.
  • The agency (Anaheim Transportation Network) reserves the right to use the Anaheim Resort Transportation logo.  3rd party applications may NOT display this logo. The logo is an indicator only for official, agency-supplied materials.
  • 3rd party applications should be presented as such. They should not be presented as being endorsed by, or affiliated with ATN/ART.