Where can I go with EVE?



EVE provides on-demand service to and from John Wayne Airport and the Greater Anaheim Regions.  The service does not follow fixed routes.  Riders can choose to begin & end their trips at any of the predefined ART stops in the Greater Anaheim Region.  Explore local destinations and request a ride using the A-Way WeGo app, available for download for Apple or Android mobile devices.  Alternatively, you can call (714) 490-0486.

Click here for EVE ridership rules and service details.


Monday – Sunday: 

5:00 AM to 11:30 PM



Adult: $15 per person

Child: $7.50 per person

Reduced: $7.50 per person


Adult: $30 per person

Child: $15 per person

Reduced: $15 per person



What is EVE?

Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN), now offers Everyone Ventures Everywhere– EVE, where convenience and unique experiences meet.EVE is an on-demand transportation service of sustainable electric vehicles currently serving as connection between John Wayne Airport and the Greater Anaheim Region.

EVE has truly been a game changer for locals and visitors alike.  Download the A-Way WeGo app today on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

What makes EVE different from other services?

Schedule your EVE ride here!  This service is a joint venture between John Wayne Airport and the Greater Anaheim Region, funded by grants and local property assessments.  Rides can be requested via the A-Way WeGo app or reservation by phone.



Who was EVE? — Evelyn “Bobbi” Trout

Evelyn Bobbi Trout lived in Anaheim, where she operated the “Bobbi Trout Service Station” at
200 N. Lemon St. On January 1, 1928, Bobbi began her flight training at Burdett Air Lines, Inc., School of
Aviation and soloed on April 30, 1928. Later that year, she was hired by Walt Disney to publicize Mickey
Mouse by taking aloft a plane-full of Mickey Mouse dolls.

On February 14, 1929, the Anaheim Gazette featured a front page article, “Anaheim Girl is Daring Aviatrix: Miss Bobbie Trout Breaks the World’s Record in Flight.”
Miss Bobbie Trout, an Anaheim girl formerly employed at a service station at Lemon and Chartres streets, has developed into a daring aviatrix, and jumped into prominence Monday when she broke two or three world’s records.
She established a new women’s endurance mark of 17 hours, 5 minutes and 37 seconds, and in doing so completed more hours of continuous night flying than any woman before her, and drove a 60 horse-power heavier-than-air craft on a longer sustained trip than any man or woman.

Four months later, on June 16, 1929, Bobbi shattered an altitude record for light class aircraft by climbing to 15,200 feet in a 90 horse-powered Golden Eagle Chief. In August 1929, Trout was one of 19 participants in the first National Women’s Air Derby, a California-to-Ohio race that Will Rogers famously called the “first Powder Puff Derby.” Other participants included Amelia Earhart, Phoebe Omlie, Louise Thaden, and Blanche Noyes.
In 1930, Trout became the fifth woman in the U.S. to earn a transport license, allowing her to fly for hire. Other achievements included the formation of the Women’s Air Reserve (WAR) with Florence
“Pancho” Barnes to transport emergency supplies and personnel in disasters. During World War II she served in the Civil Air Patrol and was one of the first women to be a pilot for the Los Angeles Police Department.