Exclusive Disney Pin South Coast Plaza

So you want an oh-so-exclusive, limited edition Disneyland® Resort pin. Maybe you’re on the vacation of a lifetime and you’re looking for the perfect unique souvenir. Anyone can pick a Mickey plush off a shelf, but you want something really special (and you might get a Mickey plush too… They’re just so cute!) Or maybe you’re a professional pin collector. (Is… Read more »

Anaheim Resort Transportation Costa Mesa

Anaheim CA. – Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) has teamed up with the City of Costa Mesa, Travel Costa Mesa and OCTA (through a transportation grant) to expand its public transportation service with an additional Costa Mesa-only line that begins June 15, 2017. The ART Costa Mesa-only line is free to the public and will operate… Read more »

Anaheim Sports with Anaheim Resort Transportation

Anaheim, CA (March 30, 2017) – Today Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) announced that they will once again be the preferred choice for baseball fans headed to Anaheim Stadium.  Each year, ART provides transit service to thousands of Angel’s fans attending homes games in Anaheim. “Like most Anaheim residents and visitors, we are excited that the… Read more »

The Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) plans to add a new Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) route – Route 23 CtrCity/ARTIC Line as part of spring 2017 service change. The operating cost for the new CtrCity/ARTIC Line are provided by the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Project V, the City of Anaheim and ATN. THE ANAHEIM TRANSPORTATION… Read more »

Fees and Fares Changes Hearing

Since being established in 2002, ATN has always managed its increased operating without ever needing to adjust hotel assessments. However, on December 7th ATN will be conducting a Public Hearing to take input regarding a proposed adjustment from $.48 to $.55 per room/per day. For the first time, ATN’s contracted drivers have entered into a… Read more »