August 15, 2017

Nothing screams “summer” like a colorful new beach bag, some comfy espadrilles,Marni Market and some fresh summer blooms. The new Marni Market installation in the Jewel Court in South Coast Plaza manages to capture this bright, fun feeling of summer with its whimsical new products and indoor flower market. From colorful lawn ornaments to the perfect new purse, the Marni Market exhibit has it all!

The exhibit is a bright and eclectic setup, with lounge chairs and colorful carpets and banners acting as a visual bridge between item displays, making the market an absolutely Instagrammable destination.

MARNI MARKET FLAMINGOThe products themselves are perfect for summer exploration, from comfortable espadrilles that don’t sacrifice style to bright woven bags that are perfect for the beach! The atmosphere of the exhibit lends itself to an effortless high-end boutique shopping experience that is sure to lift the mood of any shopper!Marni Market Baskets

The market also features nearly-neon wire lawn ornaments of on-trend animals such as flamingos, giraffes, and swans.

The real star of the show, though, is the indoor fresh-flower market. With buckets and bucket of gorgeous summer blooms, it breathes life into the space and makes you feel like you’re visiting stalls at a Marni Market Stafffarmer’s market!

And of course, the staff are as friendly and fun as the exhibit itself! Take ART line 22 to go view the free exhibit today!