May 15, 2015

There’s a new ride in town at Knott’s Berry Farm. Voyage to the Iron Reef opens May 15th and will bring visitors into the middle of an underwater battle with various sea creatures bent on destroying the park! ART can help you save the day by taking you there on our Buena Park Line.

Hop on an ART’s Buena Park Line and take a ride to Knott’s Berry Farm to check out the new 4D Voyage to the Iron Reef ride that is now open. The new attraction is darker than the rides you are used to and features a huge battle between visitors and underwater sea monsters trying to destroy the park. It’s up to you to stop the terror on this coaster ride. Riders are equipped with a freeze ray gun to battle an army of aqua-mechanical creatures that come to life on several video screens on the ride. Be careful, the creatures may seem small in the beginning but they get larger and fiercer the deeper you go into the abyss!

These video screens are impressive and seamlessly fit into the ride, appearing to stretch for 150 feet as each rider’s vehicle goes by. There are 11 screens in total but you would never guess because of how well they blend into their surroundings. Around every corner there’s sunken ship or huge tentacles coming right at you! Every turn brings a new surprise and there are multiple versions of this battle so riders can enjoy a new experience each time they ride. You’ll discover new hidden treasures you missed the previous time and will be mesmerized by all the beautifully animated scenes.

Curious to find out what the new ride has to offer for yourself? Take a ride on the ART Buena Park Line to Knott’s Berry Farm to find out.