May 29, 2015

A stay in SoCal means there’s always plenty to do and see. Anaheim Resort District’s ART connects visitors with additional transportation to experience the San Clemente coast at local favorites, popular hotspots, and more.

When you’re visiting a place as sprawling and adventure-packed as Southern California, you want to get out to as many landmarks as possible and really make the most of it. Maximize your schedule post-Disneyland days with Anaheim Resort Transportation. A public transportation system operating within the Anaheim Resort District and surrounding areas, the ART serves over 9 million residents, visitors and employees every year. Connecting with local destinations, the theme parks, sport venues, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and the ARTIC transportation center, the ART is a hop-on/hop-off service that links you to everything you could need over the course of your stay.

Once you’ve experienced the Happiest Place on Earth, head West for a relaxing day at the beach. Hop onto the ART from your local hotel in the Resort District, and catch a ride to the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC). Serving as a hub to transportation options, here, families can grab tickets to the Metrolink train and head down the coast to stunning San Clemente. A famous coastal city at the edge of Orange County, San Clemente is home to tourist-friendly beachfronts as well as some hidden gems. Metrolink service brings riders directly to the San Clemente Pier beach, a bustling hub of South-County beach life. There’s food, shops, and, of course, beautiful views. If you’re looking for a coastal escape that’s a bit more tucked away, pack your bags for a short hike: Lost Winds Beach is the perfect trek for those briefly visiting, as it’s just a short ride away from the ARTIC.

In less than an hour of travel time from the ARTIC, families taking the Metrolink will arrive at the San Clemente Pier. Once at the pier, adventurers can grab a bite and then hike 20 minutes down a beautiful stair-laden trail and pathway that leads to Lost Winds, a locals-favorite beach. Far enough from the pier to get some quality time in with the family, this is a more secluded area with little crowds. Complete with volleyball courts and its own lifeguard stand, Lost Winds provides a day trip that is just the easygoing finale your family deserves to a whirlwind Southern California vacation.

With a little help from the Orange County’s vast transportation system, visiting families can affordably experience all the area has to offer. It wouldn’t be a trip to sunny California without a beach day or two in the mix, and with easy connection to a beachside Metrolink station, it’s the perfect vacation’s-end getaway. Grab tickets ahead of schedule as you plan out your trip or over the course of your stay as time allows. With Anaheim Resort Transportation, the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center, and Metrolink, a day away at the beach is easier than ever to escape to and get back from. Let San Clemente serve as the endcap to a killer California vacation your family will remember and cherish for years to come.

See flyer and connecting Metrolink schedule (PDF)