September 6, 2017

It’s easy to have the best day ever at the Happiest Place on Earth, but knowing some fun facts about the park can make your visit even more magical! This list of ten fun facts about Disneyland® Resort will have you looking like a Disney pro in no time!

  1. The  center line of the park is at the far end of Sleeping Beauty’s castle as you come in from the entrance. It was once thought to be the exact geographical center of the park, but actually lines up Main Street USA with the castle! It is marked by a golden spike in the ground. Point it out to your friends or little ones to earn some automatic experience points!
  2. There is a basketball court inside of the Matterhorn!
  3. Space Mountain has only left turns, except for the first and last turns, which are both right turns. They also blow wind at you to make you feel like you are going faster than you actually are!
  4. The apartment that Walt Disney built for himself and his family is located above the fire station on Main Street. It’s light remains constantly lit in his memory.
  5. When Walt Disney first bought the plot of land on which Disneyland now resides, his team marked the trees with colored ribbons to signify which should be cut down and which should remain. Unfortunately, the worker in charge of the logging was colorblind, and cut down almost all of the wrong trees!
  6. Sleeping Beauty Castle is scaled to be proportionally smaller towards the top to make it took taller than it is. Walt didn’t want to have to put the red light required on buildings over 200 feet tall on the castle, as he felt it would ruin the illusion.
  7. The pirates of the Caribbean ride contains a real human skull- it can be seen on the headboard of the captain’s bed.
  8. The track of Indiana Jones is actually perfectly smooth- the body of each vehicle has a completely unique moving pattern on top of its wheels to create the effects of bumps in the road, so no two rides are ever the same!
  9. The entire park area is a no-fly zone.
  10. The official announcers of Disneyland and California adventure are husband and wife.

Do you have any fun Disneyland facts to add? Let us know in the comments below!