April 7, 2020

We continue to follow — and encourage you to as well — the advice of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and State of California. Like us, health experts understand transit is vital to the community and many people are dependent on our services to get where they need to go. While many events and other social gatherings may be canceled, people still need to get to work, social services, and loved ones. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Additionally, health authorities recommend social distancing yourself from other people to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. With more people working remotely, there is more space on our buses. We do ask that you remain respectful to and of other people.

We continue to clean our vehicles with disinfectant regularly.  Please refer to our post about Pandemic Safety Protocols for fleet cleanliness and social safety details.

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a team effort, so please follow the recommendations of the CDC, available at www.CDC.gov.