How have Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) mobility services including ART bus and FRAN microtransit service changed?

ART is currently operating on a limited basis on Essential Routes during reduced hours, seven days per week.  As the greater Anaheim Resort area begins to reopen beginning in mid-July, updates including ART bus and FRAN microtransit services will be posted to and across @RideARTbus and @FRANtasticRide social media channels as they are finalized.

At this time, FRAN (Free Rides Around the Neighborhood) has temporarily transitioned into a community-relief role by providing complimentary food delivery services which connect local vendors and patrons in the existing CtrCity service area.  Click here to learn more about Food Run Around the Neighborhood.

What are best practices for riding ART?

We strongly encourage all persons entering our buses to follow safety guidelines in accordance with the CDC (Center for Disease Control).  Our Social Safety campaign includes cross-channel promotion of the following best practices:

  • Wear a face mask or covering over both your nose and mouth – The governor of California has mandated that all persons wear a facial covering at all times while in public places.  This would include aboard ART buses and while waiting at or near ART bus stops.
  • Wash your hands regularly & avoid touching your face – Visit for tips on optimal hand washing. Touchless hand sanitizer stations have been installed aboard every in-service ART vehicle.  We encourage our guests to use hand sanitizer before taking a seat or touching any stanchion poles.
  • Maintain social distance – Per CDC guidelines, a minimum of 6 feet of distance is encouraged to maintain a safe social distance. ART serves a wide variety of groups including families.  We ask that ART guests keep social distance while waiting to board, while disembarking and skip row(s) or seat(s) between themselves and other parties while they ride.
  • Buy digital ART passes before boarding – All ART pass types are available for instant purchase and storage on the RideART app, available for Apple and Android mobile devices. High-touch fare collection practices are being phased out aboard ART buses including removal of fareboxes and installation of low-touch digital ticket validators.

How is ART keeping guests and operators safe?

Much has changed in the world around us but ART’s commitment to guest safety remains paramount.

In addition to our cross-channel Social Safety campaign publicized online and onboard our vehicles, we have launched the Doing Our Part with ART campaign to educate our community about the multiple upgrades that have been made to our sanitation process.  The following technology is used on every in-service ART vehicle on a regular basis in addition to standard cleaning practices:

  • Disinfectants Approved by the EPA – to wipe down exposed areas such as high-touch surfaces including but not limited to stanchion poles, grab rails, windows, door rails, door handles, pull cords, seats, fare box, and driver command center equipment
  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps – to use inside of vacated buses that have been in service with all windows and doors shut, activated by remote control, and run for 15 minutes per unit at our vehicle maintenance facility
  • Electrostatic Sprayers – to spray EPA approved disinfectant on all surfaces within our in-service vehicles from two feet away and left to dry for a minimum of 7 minutes after completion

The following updates have been made to the driver requirements needed in order to be cleared for duty:

  • Vehicle operators are not permitted to enter our facility or any in-service fleet until all sanitation processes have been completed
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including safety glasses, rubber gloves, and a designated facial covering all worn in accordance with manufacturer specifications must be worn at all times inside of our vehicles
  • All are subjected to a health screening process to confirm lack of symptoms within the past 14 days

Who should I ask if I have questions related to COVID-19 ART safety?

Please contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns. We are always happy to hear from our past, present, and future guests.




We continue to follow — and encourage you to as well — the advice of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and State of California. Like us, health experts understand transit is vital to the community and many people are dependent on our services to get where they need to go. While many events and other social gatherings may be canceled, people still need to get to work, social services, and loved ones. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Additionally, health authorities recommend social distancing yourself from other people to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. With more people working remotely, there is more space on our buses. We do ask that you remain respectful to and of other people.

We continue to clean our vehicles with disinfectant regularly.  Please refer to our post about Pandemic Safety Protocols for fleet cleanliness and social safety details.

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a team effort, so please follow the recommendations of the CDC, available at

While Disneyland® Resort is temporarily closed, ART will continue to serve the following major destinations

Click here to view or download current route details

Most routes will run at a 50-60min frequency.  Canyon Line and ARTIC Sports Complex Line will continue to run on their respective schedules.  Please click the above link to view or download Essential Route maps and stop lists.

As of March 17, our hours of operation will be limited to 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM