ATN develops and issues solicitations for all needed goods, inventory items, consultant, and professional services. The Contract Administrators employed by the ATN are responsible for these purchasing activities and are the primary point of contact for vendors.

The Contract Administrator conducts pre-proposal or pre-bid meetings to discuss and clarify the ATN’s requirements. In addition, the Contract Administrator negotiates contract terms, meets with vendors to resolve contractual differences, and issues amendments to existing contracts. The Contract Administrator is also available to meet with a firm whose proposal was not selected to debrief them on their proposal’s strengths and weaknesses.

All bid documents and specifications are located on our website for you to review and print. By registering your company in our electronic bid management system you will receive email notifications when a bid relevant to your company is issued.

ATN – Procurement Manual [PDF]

Current Solicitations:

RFP 2019-001 Bus Inspection Services

RFQ 2018-007 Banking Services

RFQ 2018-006 Addendum

RFQ 2018-006 Questions and Answers

RFQ 2018-006 Supplemental Transportation Services

RFP 2018-002– Bus Wrap 

RFP 2018-002 Addendum 1

RFP 2018-002 Questions

Microtransit Electric Vehicle RFP 2018-001

Microtransit Electric Vehicle RFP 2018-001 Addendum 1

Advocacy Services RFI 2018-005

RFI 2018-005 Addendum 1

Lease of software for MicroTransit customer-facing mobile application to determine real-time arrival time and/or ride-hail of responsive public transportation services.

Awarded Procurements

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List of RFP's

Title Open Date Close Date Solicitation Number
RFP 2017-004 – Development of Mobility App MicroTransit Service 6-19-2017 8-9-2017 2017-004
RFQ: Development of Mobility App for ATN Ridership 5-19-2017 7-12-2017
RFP_2017-001_ART_Advertising Services 3-9-2017 5-25-2017 2017-001
RFP_2017-002_ART_Tire Lease Program 3-13-2017 5-25-2017 2017-002
RFP 16-010 ART SERVICES 8-19-2016 9-26-2016 16-010
Direct Contractor for Parking Lot Improvements Anaheim Transportation Network [PDF] 4-6-2016 5-29-2016 16-002

See archive of all past RFP's.