November 3, 2016

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District Elections Come to Anaheim

ART Fare & Hotel Fee Adjustments

Drivers Now in Teamsters Union

City of Anaheim Elections
On November 8, Anaheim voters will cast ballots for City Council candidates. This year’s election brings big changes as council members will be elected by District. The Following Districts will be on the ballot in Anaheim:
District 1 District 3 District 4 District 5
Denise Barnes
Jordan Brandman
Arturo Ferreras
Sandra Angel
Freddy Fitzgerald Carvajal
Linda Lobatos
Lucille Kring
Steve Faessel
Mark Richard Daniels
Jose Moreno
Joe Moreno
Mark Lopez
Leonard Lahtinen
Robert Nelson
Robert Williams
Donna Acevedo-Nelson
Steve Chavez Lodge
Jennifer Rivers
Orlando Perez
Angel VanStrak


Teamsters Union
ART Contract Operator, First Transit, entered into a Union agreement with Teamsters Local 952. This marks the first time ART drivers will be working uner a collective bargaining agreement. Citing increased costs, First Transit notified ATN they could no longer meet the financial requirements of the contract.
New Contract Awarded
Effective December 1st, 2016, TransDev Transit Services, Inc. will be providing driver for ART. They were awarded a contract through competitive procurement process. ART passengers will experience no interruption or service changes. It’s likely that TransDev will also be required to enter into an agreement with the Union.
Public Hearing
To address the fixed cost increases associated with union labor, ATN will be conducting a Public Hearing on December 7th, 2016. Fare and hotel assessment fee adjustments will be discussed.
Hotel Assessment Update
Since its founding in 2002, ATN has been able to manage increased operating costs without ever needed to adjust hotel assessment fees. As part of the December 7 Public Hearing, the following proposed adjustments will be discussed:
Current: $0.48/per room/per day Proposed: $.55/per room/per day
The proposed adjustment will mark the first time in ATN’s 15 year history that an adjustment has been requested.
ART Fare Adjustment
The Public Hearing will also address ART adult passenger fare.
Current: Proposed:
1-day $5.00 1-day $5.50
3-day $12.00 3-day $14.00
5-day $20.00 5-day $23.00