August 9, 2017

So you want an oh-so-exclusive, limited edition Disneyland® Resort pin. Maybe you’re on the vacation of a lifetime and you’re looking for the perfect unique souvenir. Anyone can pick a Mickey plush off a shelf, but you want something really special (and you might get a Mickey plush too… They’re just so cute!)

Or maybe you’re a professional pin collector. (Is there such a thing as a professional pin collector?) You have a collection of pins that borders insanity, you know when to flag down a cast member at a pin trading post to get whatever special item is hanging from their lanyard that day, and your work on the trade boards deserves a trophy of some sort.

Good news! There is now a exclusive limited-edition pin set from Disneyland® Resort and South Coast Plaza! The two pins were created to celebrate South Coast Plaza’s 50th anniversary (South Coast Plaza has worked closely with Disney to bring more magic to guests in the Orange County area for many years!) There were only 500 sets manufactured, meaning they are a must-have for any vacationer or pin trader’s collection!

While they’re not available for purchase, I’ll give you a little insider tip: you can get a complimentary set with the purchase of a two-day one-park Disneyland® Resort ticket (or higher) at any South Coast Plaza guest services station!

So why are you still reading this? Take ART line 22 to South Coast Plaza and pick your set up today before they’re gone forever!